The heart of the Salute Foundation's Homeless Engagement and Logistics Program is the Homeless Veteran Sustainment Kit. These Kits are comprised of a durable military issue backpack and life sustaining items to help our homeless veterans perform the basic functions of daily life. These kits become more critical as winter approaches and homeless citizens across the country are subjected and often succumb to the bitter cold of the winter.


Homeless Veterans give up hope because there is no one to talk to about what might be the root cause for their situations, so we have included a Veteran Crisis Hotline card with each kit.  This card is arguably the most important item in the Homeless Sustainment Kit because a phone call might save a life or allow them to obtain information to get off the streets. 

Your donations are critically important to the Salute Foundation and go toward the building/ distribution of these kits to help those who once proudly defended this nation. 

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